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Marlene Dietrich, President


I hope that you will enjoy reading about our Abbeyfield home in Port Alberni, B.C. Canada.  As President of the Abbeyfield Houses Alberni Valley Society, the non-profit owner/operator of this facility, I am proud to present information on the principles and values that we strive to follow.

We believe that elderly people have important roles to play in the lives of their families, friends and community. We believe that some elderly people suffer from loneliness and insecurity and benefit from companionship and practical support in their daily lives. We also believe that within each community, individuals and groups can actively help elderly people lead secure and happy lives by offering them homes of their own within the companionship of a supportive housing setting.

The Abbeyfield pattern is that local Abbeyfield Societies have full responsibility for opening, managing and maintaining Abbeyfield Houses.  Residents have rooms of their own, furnish them as they wish, and look after them.  The privacy of each resident’s room is respected and visits from relations, friends and neighbours are encouraged.  Each resident pays his or her share of the running costs of the house.  Staff members befriend the residents, provide and prepare the main meals, and work at facilitating the development of a strong and supportive social network.

There are Abbeyfield Houses in 16 countries, 29 in Canada including 20 in B.C., with others in the planning stage. The Abbeyfield Concept was developed in response to the needs of lonely seniors who want to retain their independence but do not want to live alone, yet do not require nursing care.  It is a viable and growing option for seniors who choose to live in a family-style environment, enjoying a balance between privacy and companionship, security and independence.
Marlene Dietrich, President, Abbeyfield Houses Alberni Valley Society.

“Community self-determination is the animating idea of all that is done at
Abbeyfield Port Alberni”.
-John Whyte, Senior Public Policy Advisor, University of Regina.

Guiding Principles of Abbeyfield

Abbeyfield is a voluntary effort by people of goodwill dedicated to assisting elderly people achieve a fulfilling way of life.


Older people have important roles to play in the lives of their families, friends and community.
Overcoming loneliness and insecurity can make all the difference to an older person’s well-being and quality of life.
Local people have an essential part to play in helping older people in their community.


To provide seniors homes of their own in a supportive housing setting, operated according to the Abbeyfield pattern.

The Abbeyfield Houses Alberni Valley Society